Photo Booths, The New Wedding Trend

myday.lt_fotobudele_1I go to parties all the time but something new struck me at my most recent attendance and to be honest I really enjoyed myself. There was this amazing photo booth from OMG – photo booth hire London company and I pretty much spent most of my time, when I wasn’t dancing inside of it, pulling funny faces all the while. Since this sparked my interest ‘I thought I’d dig a little deeper and write a post about it.

The Latest Trend To Hit The Wedding Industry
Photo booths! Weddings aren’t just a celebrated day for the happy couple but they’re also a great way to meet new people or even see some you haven’t seen in a while. A good old catch up. And even better a fantastic way to join a family, holy matrimony at its best. Everyone loves a wedding so why not make it fun?

Sometimes a wedding can feel stiff, rehearsed and too formal. This isn’t the atmosphere that you want, especially when you’ve spent the last hour or two getting dolled-up. Guests only follow what the wedding agenda is, so no matter what they may want to do they could end up just sitting down for the whole evening/night.

So if you want your wedding to be a true celebration why not consider a photo booth for a little entertainment. With it recently becoming a trend in the wedding industry you’d be missing out if you didn’t try it.

Guest Book
Guest books are a lovely souvenir for a wedding couple. All those encouraging messages can be pretty emotional. If you’re the one writing the message however it can get pretty difficult, not only does writers block set in but also everyone is competing for the best message title. That’s where a photo booth comes in. Instead wedding guests can leave fun and wacky photos, and maybe the odd message if they feel like it.

With print outs given to guests and the hosts (the lovely wedding couple) it’s a great way to create memories that you can share with one and other. With alcohol introduced into the mix the photos can even be embarrassing, which makes them even funnier. As the happy married couple you can look through the photos and let nostalgia kick in. It truly will be a day to remember.

If nothing else photo booths are really fun! There’s something devious about hiding behind a curtain, trying to stuff everyone into a small box and taking photos. Add props and alcohol to the mix and its not just fun its hilarious.

If you aren’t convinced already take it personally from me, a photo booth is a great idea.