What if a Wedding Supplier Suddenly Drops Out?


Having a wedding supplier suddenly drop out on you could be a terrible and unfortunate thing, and in such a situation there are several things you could do to try and fix it; but you really ought to know that it’s quite different to have your wedding supplier drop out on you just before the wedding, or several days before it. It is a bit easier having it happen to you in advance, but that also could be a terrible blow to the wedding – but that’s nothing that can’t be solved! Having a wedding supplier drop out in advance can be fixed rather easily, because there are still some options that you could explore. It is important to keep calm and start listing the options that you have left. Try talking to your family and explain it all to them. Maybe they know a good wedding supplier, or perhaps you have a mother who wants to do it all herself with some friends. It is not that uncommon to have family members work as wedding suppliers, especially in some European countries.

You could also see if the venue you’re holding your wedding at has suppliers of their own; you could hire them in no time, and nothing would be lost. Always make sure there is a bar at your venue! If not, Need a Bar have your back they offer bar hire in Kent and many more locations over Essex. When hiring a bar make sure that they are fully stocked out by Co2 Gas, the leading beer gas suppliers in the UK, The most important thing here is not to panic, and to try to work it all out. There is still time to find the wedding supplier, and that is something you ought to keep reminding yourself of.

This is exactly why it is important to hire a great wedding supplier in the first place; sure, unplanned circumstances could happen to everyone, but a great wedding supplier always has a replacement waiting. They know a lot of suppliers, and that is why you ought to ask them to recommend one for you.

But, the big problem here is what to do if the wedding supplier was to drop out on you the day before, or at the very day of the wedding. You’re probably too busy at that time to worry about such trivial matters, and that is why you ought to assign someone to worry about it for you. Firstly, just ask the supplier that has dropped out if they have someone to replace them. If they do, then nothing is lost, and the wedding could go on as planned, just with a different supplier.

But if the supplier does not have a replacement waiting, you’ll need to have someone find one rather quickly. The price of the new supplier is probably going to be a bit higher, but you shouldn’t worry about that at this time; you just need to make sure that the wedding goes as planned. If you’re looking for wedding help that will not let you down, such as, coach hire London. Check out Mayday Travel.

This is exactly why it is important to hire a real professional and a top wedding supplier from The Wedding Guide. These people have everything covered, including a replacement in case something happens to them. Try to do everything you can to find such a supplier, and you’ll have no problems with your wedding ceremony to worry about.

How To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Wedding Photographer

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event for every couple. Its importance it means there can’t be any mistakes. Everything must be perfect from planning to execution. The cakes, food, dresses, motif, cars and venue should be seamless and complement each other, the wedding rings with Orla James. And with such a grand celebration, wedding photographer should not be missed out. Wedding photographer and videographer are the best personnel to record the event. And when it comes to your wedding photographer, only the best should be considered. Here are some tips on how to avoid choosing the wrong wedding photographer.wedding rings

  1. Do not make a hasty decision – Just like everything else in the wedding, choosing a wedding photographer should not be done on a whim. It demands careful attention and thorough screening. And it should done months before the wedding instead of days prior to the wedding.
  2. Ask around – Every couple wants only the best for their wedding including the wedding photographer. So it is ideal to ask around several couples for a wedding photographer they can recommend. Couples will praise wedding photographers who satisfied them while open up about those photographers they regretted to hire. This will help you sort out the possible candidates as well as those who you need to avoid.
  3. Free means amateur – Unless you are confident with their skills, those friends who offer free wedding photography are often amateurs. Do not turn your wedding into a practice session for such amateur photographers. Your wedding is worth way more than that.
  4. Consider several photographers – Even if a photographer seems perfect for your wedding, do not limit yourself on one potential candidate. Consider at least a few photographers so you can compare their credentials and abilities then come up with a sound decision.
  5. Set an appointment – Data and credentials are not everything. Your confidence should demand considerable value when choosing a wedding photographer. The best way to get a feel and thorough understanding about a photographer is to set an appointment and meet the photographer in person. You don’t want a photographer which does not meet your taste.
  6. Specialist over general – Photographers who specialize on wedding photography should be considered over general photographers. The amount of experience when it comes to wedding photography is vital to the outcome of your wedding photos. Experiences on other events does not impact much on wedding photography.
  7. Equipment speaks volumes – No matter how great the angle or view captured in a photo, it does not mean much if the quality of the photograph is poor. Evaluate their equipment by asking for the specs as well as sample photographs.
  8. Availability – Your wedding only comes one time. If your photographer miss out on such an important day, it will be wasteful to postpone the wedding just to suit the photographer’s schedule. Always ask if the photographer can allocate the specific date to provide services.
  9. Contingency plan – Ask your photographer how they handle unexpected situations such as equipment failure or sickness. Professional wedding photographers would bring multiple cameras, have a seasoned assistant or lots of contacts which can fix the problem without sacrificing the quality of wedding photography.
  10. Services and contract – Check the different services they offer for a wedding. Also check if the contract does not put you in a bad situation.

Now you know how to avoid ending up with the wrong wedding photographer.

Different Types Of Jewellery For Brides

Jewellery plays a very important role during a wedding, for a bride to really make her wedding gown special she should accompany it with wedding jewellery. Choosing a wedding dress might be so easy but the problem comes in when selecting the right jewellery for your wedding for you need to select something that rhymes with the dress, shoes and the color of the day. There are many types of jewellery that you can choose for your wedding depending on your taste, some of these jewellery include;

Wedding ring
A ring usually symbolises marriage, it is a piece of jewellery that tells the world you are already married and no wedding is complete without it hence why as a bride you need to select the best wedding ring for you as you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life.Wedding. Attractive bride with bouquet

Necklace is a very important attire of bride that is why you never have to miss it on your wedding day, it carries a lot of significance when it comes to bridal appearance.There are many varieties of necklaces, long chains, chokers or just simple chains, you need to go for the one that matches with your dress and one that is not so shouting nor too heavy, always wear a necklace during your wedding for it brings ultimate beauty.

Engagement ring
In India it is known as Angoothi ring, it is always worn on the finger of the left hand, it is good to select a plain one that is made of metal but designed well with patterns and stones. A wedding ring should be more classical than an engagement ring, it is good for people to differentiate between a wedding ring and engagement ring thence why your choice is so important.

Earrings add an essence of beauty, they normally change your casual look into a more appealing which is why it is something you need for your wedding outfit, brides usually have several types of earrings to choose from but whenever you are choosing ensure that you go for one that matches with your dress.

Armlet or wristband
It is a fashion jewel mostly worn by brides during weddings as it gives them a classical look , do not forget to wear an armlet during your wedding, it makes your look more appealing, always choose the perfect one that fits you hand well.

For you to be the most beautiful bride in the world always ensure that you wear a variety of jewellery during your wedding.

Capturing The Best Moment Of Your Life In Pictures

A wedding can be one of the happiest moments of your life. It’s important and therefore deservers special attention, that’s why you must capture it in pictures with the help of a professional wedding photography service.

This kind of photography service is very complete, because it covers the photographs prior to marriage, the marriage itself and reception. As you can see it’s a full service. If you really want to preserve this precious moment in timeless photographs, then you must get this service. And in a few moments, we are going to tell what you have to do in order to get the best service of wedding photography in your location.

Selecting The Best
With other kind of professionals it’s kind of hard to value the quality of their work, in most cases you have to base your decision solely on the history of the company as well as their reviews. But with photography services it’s a complete different scenario, because you can actually check how good their work is by checking their portfolio. All photographers have a portfolio in their websites, so that you can check the quality of their work and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Photo Retouching
A good wedding photographer knows how to handle his or her camera with perfect precision and technique. A good service of this kind will also offer professional edition with the most powerful software in market for photo retouching: Photoshop. Because there’s no doubt that some of your photos will need a bit of retouching in order to make as perfect as possible.

Reviews & Feedback
Even though checking the quality of a photographer’s work is as easy as checking their portfolio, you also have to check their reviews. Because even if such photographer does an amazing job he may be not so responsible. You want to verify that they do a good job in all aspects: photography, responsibility and compromise. But do not limit yourself just to the reviews posted on their websites, visit sites like Foursquare in order to check non-biased reviews which will give a better overview on how well they work. Because after all you want to work with a talented yet professional and responsible photographer, because this important date deserves an excellent photography service.

The final step is to call them. It’s ideal to make a list with 3-5 different services which fall into the category of excellent, so that you can start calling in order to request quotes and if they can cover what you are looking for. In some scenarios some of these services won’t be able to cover your wedding, that’s why you must have another options around. Request a quote, verify if they can cover your wedding and pick the winner: who offers great value for a good price.

Is your wedding very near? Then don’t wait till last moment and start looking for a good and professional wedding photography service!

Photo Booths, The New Wedding Trend

myday.lt_fotobudele_1I go to parties all the time but something new struck me at my most recent attendance and to be honest I really enjoyed myself. There was this amazing photo booth from OMG – photo booth hire London company and I pretty much spent most of my time, when I wasn’t dancing inside of it, pulling funny faces all the while. Since this sparked my interest ‘I thought I’d dig a little deeper and write a post about it.

The Latest Trend To Hit The Wedding Industry
Photo booths! Weddings aren’t just a celebrated day for the happy couple but they’re also a great way to meet new people or even see some you haven’t seen in a while. A good old catch up. And even better a fantastic way to join a family, holy matrimony at its best. Everyone loves a wedding so why not make it fun?

Sometimes a wedding can feel stiff, rehearsed and too formal. This isn’t the atmosphere that you want, especially when you’ve spent the last hour or two getting dolled-up. Guests only follow what the wedding agenda is, so no matter what they may want to do they could end up just sitting down for the whole evening/night.

So if you want your wedding to be a true celebration why not consider a photo booth for a little entertainment. With it recently becoming a trend in the wedding industry you’d be missing out if you didn’t try it.

Guest Book
Guest books are a lovely souvenir for a wedding couple. All those encouraging messages can be pretty emotional. If you’re the one writing the message however it can get pretty difficult, not only does writers block set in but also everyone is competing for the best message title. That’s where a photo booth comes in. Instead wedding guests can leave fun and wacky photos, and maybe the odd message if they feel like it.

With print outs given to guests and the hosts (the lovely wedding couple) it’s a great way to create memories that you can share with one and other. With alcohol introduced into the mix the photos can even be embarrassing, which makes them even funnier. As the happy married couple you can look through the photos and let nostalgia kick in. It truly will be a day to remember.

If nothing else photo booths are really fun! There’s something devious about hiding behind a curtain, trying to stuff everyone into a small box and taking photos. Add props and alcohol to the mix and its not just fun its hilarious.

If you aren’t convinced already take it personally from me, a photo booth is a great idea.